An Aspiring Punk Linguist
"If you do not have time for band... you do not have time for college." Jay Drury
WVU/20/World Languages Literatures and Linguistics Major
I play Clarinet in The Pride of West Virginia and now I spin in the guard
I love to speak foreign languages, read romance novels or fantasy books, my wardrobe is the color black.
I also love anything Band, Guard, Hardcore/metalcore/punk, Harry Potter or bunny related. Of course.
Please send me asks <3
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Helped my friends boyfriend ask her to Homecoming today I think my sign is just perfect can’t wait for her reaction tomorrow!


imagine how radical being a pet fish is like youre just swimming around and suddenly it starts raining food

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there’s always those neighbour countries that sort of hate each other like new zealand and australia, britain and france, the rest of the world and america

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everything personal


*gets homework out of bag* i think that’s enough homework for one day

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The Wonder Years | I Just Want To Sellout My Funeral.


Let’s play a game called “I’m totally joking, but would do that in a heartbeat if you were into it”

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